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An open air wedding is, first of all, the embodiment of interesting, unusual, sometimes eccentric ideas of each couple. On the territory of the Eden Resort, you can build a wedding venue from scratch - and take advantage of only the mesmerizing sunset: it is here for everyone. Or you can use wooden cottages, a banquet hall, a party area around the pool or the river bank, with a pier extending into the horizon.

Eden Resort is located in such an enviable place in terms of natural landscape that it itself dictates dozens of different wedding day scenarios.
Around the forest, river, Kiev sea. And depending on the concept of the celebration, you can stop at a romantic wedding in the style of everyone's favorite "boho", where the bride appears in front of the guests in a boat sailing along the river. And the holiday itself organically fits into the existing landscape with minor decorating and floristic adjustments, including an arch for an off-site ceremony.
The recent trend is micro-weddings for up to 50 people. As we remember, we already have a forest, a river and a sea, and if we add warmth and enthusiasm, we will get a barbecue party. In a fenced courtyard, between two wooden cottages, next to the pool, guests can have fun cooking or eating meat, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy cocktails. Of the design solutions, there will be quite an interesting photo zone in the style of, for example, an American ranch - and the guests will remember the warm welcome for a long time.
And one more good thing: if young people choose a classic celebration with stylishly laid tables and a change of dishes, one should not be afraid to invite guests with children. Children will not have to sit under the table with tear-stained faces and spoil the bride's veil. On the territory of the resort there are real children's entertainment - a favorite trampoline, outdoor games, swings, slides. The site itself is fenced - and everyone is guaranteed the inviolability of personal space and the safety of guests.
The presence of a spa, including classic and Japanese saunas, and sports entertainment on the water: motor and ordinary boats, kayaks, glanders, fishing suggests the idea of ​​stag and hen parties in an atmosphere of freedom and enjoyment of life. It is especially pleasant to be aware of it when your friend or girlfriend will say goodbye to this freedom tomorrow. But it is not exactly.
Well, the cherry on the cake: weddings all year round - there is always incredible beauty here. Nature does not rest in winter, autumn and spring, but for comfort on a cool day, there is a banquet and fireplace hall, where you can arrange an atmospheric celebration in the Old English style.

Facts to consider when planning a celebration:

  • Eden Resort is located 40 kilometers from Kiev. The village of Yasnogorodka, Vyshgorodsky district.

  • The area of ​​the resort is six thousand square meters.

  • On the territory there are two cottages with a fireplace room, gazebos for relaxation, a swimming pool. The territory is fenced.

  • Number of rooms in two cottages: 11.

  • Standard room area: 20m2

  • Hall for small celebrations: 70m2

  • Hall capacity: up to 50 people

  • SPA: classic and Japanese baths, outdoor heated pool

  • Entertainment: water sports, fishing, cycling

  • For children: slides, trampoline

  • For outdoor cooking: grill, tandoor



All Days of Year


Number of rooms in two cottages: 11.

Standard room area: 20m2

Hall for small celebrations: 70m2

Hall capacity: up to 50 people